Charles Young

Charles W. Young was born in Bergen County, NJ in 1997. He graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019 with a BFA in Photography, Cinematography, and History of Modern Architecture.


Young's analog and digital photography operate in a way which mislead conclusions about the possibilities of what photography can accomplish. Photography is a medium which can render an image that translates our perception of reality; however, it can also render reality incomprehensible and fantastic, using nothing more than light, a lens, and a roll of film. This is the basis for which Young creates his work. Using architecture and still life constructions to render images that are incomprehensible to reality, but accessible with camera, lens, and film.


His photography examines and explores these hidden patterns, colors, and structures within architecture and still life. His goal is to use photography to reveal images that cannot be rendered with just the eye.

Young currently lives and works in Chicago, IL. You can check out his real estate videography here.

Young can be contacted by email at

Instagram: @c.wyo

Featured as one of the best photographers in Chicago